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MIPAQ™ Pro Integrated Power Modules

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  • Release on:Mar 22,2018
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MIPAQ™ Pro Integrated Power Modules

Infineon's integrated power modules are designed for voltages up to 690 VRMS and output currents up to 1550 ARMS

Infineon’s MIPAQ Pro family are high power, integrated power modules (IPM) that are fully qualified and tested. These modules integrate IGBTs, gate drivers, heat sink, sensors, and digital control electronics, as well as digital bus communication. The IPMs come in a half-bridge configuration with blocking voltages of 1700 V while current ratings of up to 2400 A are supported. The high power IPMs are available in water cooled (IFF2400P17LE4BPSA) as well as air cooled heat sinks (IFF2400P17AE4BPSA1)

The MIPAQ Pro family provides monitoring and protection. Operating parameters of output current, DC voltage, and operating temperature of the IGBTs and diodes are monitored closely and a warning signal is issued if a problem arises. The warning levels can be programmed at different levels quickly and easily through the digital bus communication. This functionality ensures that the IPM operates safely and within specified limits. The MIPAQ Pro IPMs can be paralleled by daisy chain. This allows the modules to cover large power ranges up to 7 MW. This family offers many protection features, a large output, has a small footprint, is scalable, and is ready to use.

Features Applications
  • Complete monitoring
  • Superior and secure authentication
  • Great design flexibility
  • Easy scalability
  • High system power density
  • Smart protection
  • Energy storage
  • Smart grids
  • Solar power
  • Wind power